Wurlitzer Building 2nd location construction in progress.

As we come to the close of an awesome 2018 here at Woodcock Bros, the question we get asked the most is “When is your second location opening?!”

As you may or may not know earlier in 2018 we signed a long term lease with the historic Wurlitzer Building on Niagara Falls Blvd in North Tonawanda. We’ve been at the max in our brewhouse over the last couple years and have been constantly tossing around different ideas on how to expand, but we couldn’t ever seem to come up with the proper course of action that made sense from both a logistics and financial perspective. Opening an actual second location never was in the original plans, but once the idea and location of a possible second brewery at the Wurlitzer was brought to our attention, it made sense on so many levels. And as we delved deeper, we learned very quickly it was an opportunity to expand our production and reach more customers that we just couldn’t ignore.

We start construction in October, and pretty much everything needs to be done. We’re totally renovating almost the entire space to fit not only our brew house plans, but the specific restaurant set up we have in mind. Plus at this location we’ll also have a massive outdoor space. So construction will be significant. But our goal is to open up in the first half of 2019. All our restaurant and brewhouse equipment has be sourced and ordered, it’s now just a matter of putting our nose to the grind stone, working tirelessly and hoping no unforeseen snags hold us up. Right now everything is looking great.

We’ll be keeping our customers and fans in the loop every step of the way as we come closer to completing construction and opening our second location. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in the loop on the construction process and when our opening date will be announced.

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