Early 2021 into early Summer 2021

There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. We are getting there one day at a time. Thank you for supporting us and letting us fill your pints, fridges, coolers, and stomachs!

At our Wilson location we did have to temporarily cut back our hours. This location is temporarily closed Monday through Wednesday. It wasn’t something we loved to do. But it was necessary. There is a work force shortage just about everywhere right now. The staff that we have, we do not want to burn them out. They have been great support for us during these trying times. They are important to the functionality of this business and are valuable to the Woodcock family. We can not stress this enough, but this change is only temporary.

At the Wurlitzer building construction has been moving right along. We are expecting the expansion to be ready by Summer 2021. This new seating area can sit around 100 people and will allow space for events and meetings. This will cut down wait times and will help us ensure faster quality service. Which is great as Wurlitzer has been producing small batches of solid-crafted beer, almost weekly.

Speaking of, have you been checking out the new beer releases? There has been so many! At both locations!

One of the most exciting things to develop, as of late, is a new brew in a new can! Sky Dancer.
Sky Dancer is a hazy session IPA that was brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. With notes of tropical fruit and citrus peel. It’s soft mouthfeel and bright flavors paired with a low ABV and bitterness makes Sky Dancer the perfect crushable Summer sipper. It’s coming soon!

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Cheers to sunny days ahead!

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