Mid Summer 2020

First off, we’d like to extend an heart felt thank you to all our amazing customers who supported us during this unfortunate pandemic. You supported us while we were temporarily shut down, you ordered curbside from us when we were only doing takeout, and you frequently join us for a beer and meal now that we’re open for seating. Thank you all so much. Your continued support means everything. Cheers.

So far during the pandemic we’ve managed to release two new cans: Sweet, Sweet Haze and Woodcock Porter. They’re both available now at our Wilson and North Tonawanda locations. They’re also out to WNY distro via our distributing partner, Wright Beverage.

We’re working on several new limited release brews that will be available at both the breweries and in limited distro to local area specialty bars and restaurants. Check out our ‘In The Tanks’ tab to keep up on what’s releasing soon.

We’ve also recently updated and revamped our Wilson location food menu. We’re really excited about the changes and our current direction. And if early feedback is any indication, so do our amazing customers.

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First Half 2020

 As we post this well into February, our 2020 has already been jacked full of all sorts of fun delicious stuff. We started our Sunday brunch service at Wurlitzer. Signed on with a new distributor – Wright Beverage, based out of Rochester. And we have a few new cans in the works to be released over the coming months.

Part of our new mission signing on with Wright Beverage is to be able to consistently get fresh, new, cans and draft out to the masses. In 2020 look for our new Woodcock Limited Series on draft both in-house and out at area craft beer bars and restaurants. We’ll be canning another staple brew, Woodcock Porter regularly, as well as our popular IPA Sweet, Sweet Haze and a brand new Summer Ale dubbed Sky Dancer. In conjunction with our new distributing partner, we will be able to get these new brews to our fans and customers on the reg. Can’t wait.

We’ve also started a “$1 off” program at both locations. Get $1 off any 4-pack of beer to go with any purchase. Buy a draft pour at the bar, or a quick lunch, or a family dinner, or indulge at our Sunday brunch — ANY purchase gets you $1 off any 4-pack of cans to go. By one 4-pack get $1 off. By 15 4-packs get $1 off each 4-pack. That’s right, there’s no limit on 4-pack purchases.

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Fall / Winter 2019

The shifting seasons always has us jacked into busy mode behind the scenes here at Woodcock Bros. September is our busiest events month of the year, bringing us Dust Off Your Kilt, NY Fall Beer Fest, Cocktoberfest and Barks & Brews to name just a few — not to mention Buffalo Beer Week and all the events and tastings scheduled for that regional celebration. In spite of the busyness of the month, September also brings us down to earth, literally, in the form of one of beer’s core ingredients — hops.

September is wet hop season. For the last several years we’ve brewed wet hop IPA’s consistently using NYS grown hops. The effect of using hops directly grown in our region gives off a subtly unique flavor profile that can only be experienced utilizing the wet hop method of brewing – i.e. only using freshly harvested hops driven right to the brewery for a scheduled brew day. This year we were able to acquire Michigan Copper and Centennial wet hops both for a 100% NYS grown Michigan Copper IPA and a 100% NYS grown Centennial IPA. Look for these seasonal brews in late September.

September also brings us draft and cans of our traditional style Märzen – Cocktoberfest. Draft available now, cans coming mid-September!At the end of October, at our annual Halloween party we’ll be releasing our winter seasonal fan favorite Stiff Mitten on Draft and in cans. Details on this party and release coming soon in our ‘events tab‘.

This November marks our 7th, count ’em, 7TH anniversary. Our anniversary party this year is shaping up to be just as epic as ever. We’ll be tapping special limited release drafts, and possibly a big, special, (super hoppy) can release. *wink*The last month of 2019 will bring our customers and fans lots of new, fun and delicious brews pumping out of both locations. Our Ugly Sweater Party will be rocking as usual, and there may be a few can releases in the works.

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Spring 2019

Our second location is OPEN! It was an incredible whirlwind of a process from beginning to end, but all in all, we can’t thank all of our fans, customers, our entire team of staff, contractors, workers, the folks at the Wurlitzer, North Tonawanda, Niagara County, Governor Cuomo’s office, and New York State enough for all the support. We couldn’t have pulled it off without any one of the folks who worked on this amazing project. All we can say is THANK YOU.

We opened our doors to the public on Friday 3/29 and WOW. Our opening weekend absolutely bonkers busy. THANK YOU North Tonawanda and everyone who came out. Your support was incredible — you’re all amazing!

We have several initial points of emphasis for our Wurlitzer location as we move toward summer, they are detailed below.1. Brew MORE and NEW beers all the time! At opening we featured 2 new exclusive beers on draft, Sweet, Sweet Haze and B.O.M.B. along with those, we were able to bring back a previous limited-edition fan favorite, Salted Caramel Coffee Porter. Needless to say, these brews were a huge hit, more batches are already in the works. Our new brewhouse and now our doubled-capacity Wilson brewhouse are going to enable us to keep pumping out delicious new brews, in addition to our tried and true Woodcock staples all the time.

2. Our goal is to have our beer garden and patio set up in time for summer, hopefully by Memorial Day. There will be outdoor seating and tables for food service, as well as tall-boy tables with umbrellas. The beer garden will be sectioned off and feature a dedicated area, or small stage for live music at the far end. We couldn’t be more excited for sunny summer days and warm summer nights at the Wurlitzer!

3. Bare with us as we constantly try to improve our restaurant processes and set up. Our continued goal is to constantly improve in all aspects. Between both Woodcock locations, we’re super excited to be able to create and offer a deliciously diverse menu to our customers. Those who love specific food options and specials available at Wilson will still be able to get them at Wilson. Those who want to try new things and have a greater number of options, will be able to get them at our Wurlitzer location. We’re currently working on our specials menu for Wurlitzer and will be rolling them out soon. There will be some crossover in our specials between locations, (as it is currently, with the regular menus) and we’re working on getting those specials out. But for now, if you want our Wilson-specific specials, they will always be available at our original location.Any and all updates and news regarding all things Woodcock Bros. can be found in real time across our social media platforms. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you all again for the amazing support. We are a family owned business driven by a passion for great beer and our local community, your support means everything to us. Cheers to an amazing start to an amazing 2019!


Wurlitzer Building 2nd location construction in progress.

As we come to the close of an awesome 2018 here at Woodcock Bros, the question we get asked the most is “When is your second location opening?!”

As you may or may not know earlier in 2018 we signed a long term lease with the historic Wurlitzer Building on Niagara Falls Blvd in North Tonawanda. We’ve been at the max in our brewhouse over the last couple years and have been constantly tossing around different ideas on how to expand, but we couldn’t ever seem to come up with the proper course of action that made sense from both a logistics and financial perspective. Opening an actual second location never was in the original plans, but once the idea and location of a possible second brewery at the Wurlitzer was brought to our attention, it made sense on so many levels. And as we delved deeper, we learned very quickly it was an opportunity to expand our production and reach more customers that we just couldn’t ignore.

We start construction in October, and pretty much everything needs to be done. We’re totally renovating almost the entire space to fit not only our brew house plans, but the specific restaurant set up we have in mind. Plus at this location we’ll also have a massive outdoor space. So construction will be significant. But our goal is to open up in the first half of 2019. All our restaurant and brewhouse equipment has be sourced and ordered, it’s now just a matter of putting our nose to the grind stone, working tirelessly and hoping no unforeseen snags hold us up. Right now everything is looking great.

We’ll be keeping our customers and fans in the loop every step of the way as we come closer to completing construction and opening our second location. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in the loop on the construction process and when our opening date will be announced.

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Summer into Fall ‘18

The first half of 2018 saw us bring lots of canned IPA’s out of the brew house, culminating with our release of XPA v.15. The reception from our customers and vendors has been awesome! We’ve literally sold triple the amount of cans we did at this point last year. Thank you. Our fans are the absolute best!

We’ll definitely be continuing our love of liquid hops with cans of Woodcock IPA, Citra Dry Hopped, Mosaic Dry Hopped and XPA as we move into the second half of 2018.

We’ll also be continuing our love of local hops with our “Wet Hop IPA” series as we get into the local harvest season here in WNY.

With our first Wet Hop IPA will use all local Chinook and Cascade hops and Vienna malt from Niagara Malt. This series always continues to impress us with all the unique flavors and WNY terroir that results from making these hoppy beers with local ingredients. Look for the first one in late August/early September. We’ll keep everyone updated as we slide into the harvest.


One of our customer’s seasonal favorites at the brewery is our take on a traditional Märzen — Cocktoberfest! Both on draft and newly in these fun branded cans coming in September!

Cocktoberfest draft and cans will get full WNY distro. *Also newly coming in cans; early this summer we infused a couple kegs of our Woodcock IPA with pink grapefruit juice. It’s been such a big hit that we decided to can it for full distro! Details on our grapefruit IPA “Jubilation” coming soon! Looking for a first release in October.

Lastly, our biggest weekend of the year here at the brewery lands late September as we host our two biggest events two days in a row! Mark your calendars: New York Fall Beer Fest – Friday, 9/21 and COCKTOBERFEST – Saturday 9/22. Check out events page for more info and our Facebook page for up-to-date event goings on.