Brewing as an art form to us And we continually work on honing our craft to be better. We also love to have fun and enjoy drinking beer as much as we brew it.

What’s On Tap – Wilson

Stiff Mitten 7.2% – 🎄It’s that time of year again when there may be a chill in the air, but there’s warmth in your heart and room in your belly for our spiced winter ale. Stiff mitten is made with holiday cheer and the spices of the season – nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. So […]

What’s On Tap – Wurlitzer

Farmhouse IPA 7.7% – Brewed with a Belgian yeast strain, this hybrid style American IPA pours a deep hazy orange color with a frothy white head. It has aromas and flavors of fruity citrus esters. Red berries come in softly from mosaic hops used in the dry hopping. A touch of pepper spice from yeast […]

What’s In The Tanks

Thrill of the Arts NEIPA (b2) 7% – Second batch of our popular aggressively hopped, softly bittered IPA coming at you soon. Beautiful Game (b3) – This third batch of our classic, zero bitterness, massive hop punch NE IPA is brewed exclusivly with all Denali hops. Pale Ale 4.6% – Light and easy drinking, yet packed […]