Brewing as an art form to us And we continually work on honing our craft to be better. We also love to have fun and enjoy drinking beer as much as we brew it.

What’s On Tap

Stiff Mitten – Spiced Winter Ale 7.2% Our seasonal winter ale is brewed with cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg. It’s designed to impart those classic holiday flavors without blugeoning your tongue too much spice. A drinkable, delicious, classic style winter warmer designed to bring the warmth of your season from our family owned brewery to […]

What’s In The Tanks

XPA 6.5% (Xmas Release) We release a batch of our most popular limited release IPA each year just before Christmas. This is also our last new can drop of 2018. Details on this version soon in our events tab. XPA is our experimental, evolving hop series IPA. Some renditions vary greatly, others are not far […]