Brewing as an art form to us And we continually work on honing our craft to be better. We also love to have fun and enjoy drinking beer as much as we brew it.

What’s On Tap

Woodcock Pale Ale  5.2% Hopped with Simcoe and lots of Citra in the kettle and on the dry side. This easy drinking pale ale bursts with notes of citrus up front, has a silky, full mouth feel and little to no bitterness. This small batch test brew is now available brewery only. KumQuat Berliner Weiss […]

What’s In The Tanks

Honey Saison – 7.8% This old-world style Saison is brewed with locally produced wildflower honey and a French Saison yeast. It’s soft, round and crisply tart on the palate, has a touch of honey sweetness and a mild yeasty finish. XPA – 6.5% Our experimental, evolving hop series IPA is finally back! Last release was […]