What’s On Tap – Wurlitzer

Farmhouse IPA 7.7% – Brewed with a Belgian yeast strain, this hybrid style American IPA pours a deep hazy orange color with a frothy white head. It has aromas and flavors of fruity citrus esters. Red berries come in softly from mosaic hops used in the dry hopping. A touch of pepper spice from yeast phenolics comes through at the end, leaving you with a nice, crisp, dry finish. Enjoy!

Coffee IPA 6.4% – An American IPA dosed with 100% Colombian coffee. Aromas abound of fresh roasted coffee along with a hint of  vanilla extract. Your tastebuds are covered with full coffee roast and vanilla on top, with some delicate earthy hops riding underneath. A balanced, clean hop bitterness brings up the finish. A deliciously different late winter, early spring beer to enjoy!

Wright Hand Saison 8% – This beer is near and dear to the entire team at Woodcock’s heart. It was brewed in honor of our assistant brewer Josh Wright. It’s a classic style saison with an ample addition of rye malt to compliment the spicy, fruity flavors derived from the yeast strain we used. It has delicious notes of orange zest, clove, bubblegum and mango leaf. Enjoy!

Devil’s Hole Black IPA 6.2% – This is another original Woodcock brew first made to marry the malt characteristics of the dark beer we love to the hoppy characteristics of the IPA’s we love. The result instantly became a customer favorite. Devil’s Hole, named for the treacherous area of the Niagara River is a limited release draft brew. It boasts of bright, citrusy hops, overcast by hint of roasted malts. A deliciously devious interaction of flavors. Enjoy.

Venetian Dreams – Vienna Lager 5% – Pours a deep amber color. This brew is designed for the carefully selected malt base to be the showcase. Aromas and flavors cleanly jump out with toasted, complex freshly baked breads. A touch of caramel sweetness brings up the finish, balanced with just enough European hops to leave the palate crisp and clean. A delicious, classic style quencher.

The Beautiful Game #02 – Double dry hopped NEIPA 6.8% – Brewed exclusively with all Citra hops. Citra is one of our absolute favorite hops, and we jammed this recipe full of them for an intense, bright fruitiness. It Pours a very pale, hazy light straw color. Aromas of orange, peach, pineapple and grapefruit burst. It has a full, creamy mouthfeel from the oats and wheat malt base. Big, ripe citrus and tropical fruits on the flavor. It’s Softly bittered. For an even finish that, is not clawing or biting, but keeps you coming back for that next sip!

Sweet, SWEET Haze 7.1% – This “fuzzy navel” colored American IPA is brewed with Mosaic, Citra and Azaaca hops atop a blend carefully selected sweet and soft malts. It’s then double dry hopped with Citra. We get beautiful notes of clementines, sumo oranges, yellow grapefruit and tangelo. An instant favorite of the brewing team.

Breakfast Stout 7% – A sweet, smooth, easy drinking stout. Lots of dessert style breakfast notes of chocolate, cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla. Not overly thick and not too thin, this robust, yet not clawing stout is dangerously delicious to drink. Have some when you stop in for brunch!

*Bine to Glass Wet Hop Series 2019 #1: Michigan Copper IPA 6.4% – The first of two wet hopped IPAs this year comes in the form of locally sourced Michigan Copper hops harvested from the bine in update NY and brought directly to our Wurlitzer location. This IPA comes in a rich opaque copper color, has a nice tight grassy ness on the aroma and palate and finishes crisply with a touch of caramel. Clean and delicious. Enjoy!

Jamerson’s London Brown Ale 3.9% – A special brown ale, named after James Jamerson, the original bass player for Motown. It pours a deep brown with some ruby red highlights. Aromas and flavors of sweet caramel, chocolate, and roasted malts. It’s medium bodied with a light carbonation and clean finish. A true classic style English brown. Enjoy!

Woodcock Porter 5.9% – A full-flavored, medium-bodied, classic style Porter with chocolate flavors and mild hints of coffee. This beer pairs well with desserts.

Niagara Lager 5% – A traditional style lager that’s clean, crisp, and a sessionable brew — perfect for warm summer days, or long nights of beer enjoyment. This is our “gateway beer” for those beer drinkers who are used to a standard domestic lager. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Read Head Amber Ale 5.5% – This is the first beer we brewed when our brewery opened and has a special place in our hearts. She’s easy on the palate, delivers lovely mild maltiness and a lightly hopped, crisp finish.

Woodcock IPA 6.5% Primarily hopped with Simcoe and Chinook, this bursts with notes of citrus and pine, has a robust mouth feel and a solid West-Coast style bitterness. It’s an all seasons, all day beer designed for those who crave that intensely delicious hop bite.