What’s On Tap

Wet Hop Series – Chinook Wet Hop IPA 6% Continuing our annual Wet Hop Series of IPA’s this year – first up: Chinook Wet Hop IPA is brewed with all locally grown fresh hops right off the bine from Niagara Malt. The Wet Hop Series is designed to showcase all the awesome innate terroir of New York State grown hops. These beers are hop forward. The malt flavors and bitterness take a back seat so the complex hop aromas and flavors shine through.

Cocktoberfest 5.7% Traditional style Märzen with fresh waves of soft, round, clean, malty deliciousness. Our take on this classic style is designed to be an all day enjoyment to celebrate the fall season with friends and family. (Avail soon in 16oz cans!)

Imperial XPA 8.6% Our first double IPA! This intensely delicious beauty was brewed with primarily Amarillo hops and smacks with deep wafting flavors of dark fruits and grapefruit. With an even handed bitterness to balance it out – this sucker is dangerous. Enjoy!

KumQuat Berliner Weiss – 3% Our fist sour ale! Brewed to be light and as easy drinking as it gets. Mildly tart with a kiss of fruity flavors. This is a summer beer if there ever was one!

Niagara Lager  5% A traditional style lager that’s clean, crisp, and a sessionable brew — perfect for warm summer days, or long nights of beer enjoyment. This is our “gateway beer” for those beer drinkers who are used to a standard domestic lager. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Red Head Amber Ale  4.5% This is the first beer we brewed when our brewery opened and has a special place in our hearts. She’s easy on the palate, delivers lovely mild maltiness and a lightly hopped, crisp finish. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Woodcock IPA  6.5% Primarily hopped with Simcoe and Chinook, this bursts with notes of citrus and pine, has a robust mouth feel and a solid West-Coast style bitterness. It’s an all seasons, all day beer designed for those who crave that intensely delicious hop bite. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Porter  5.9% A full-flavored, medium-bodied, classic style Porter with chocolate flavors and mild hints of coffee. This beer pairs well with desserts.

Dopple Bock  8% This traditional style dark strong German Lager was brewed in collaboration with our friends from Cowbell Brewing across the Niagara border. Strong, sweet, malty flavors drive this mahogany colored brew from start to finish.

Goat Island Maibock 7.1%
Smooth, fruity malts, with a fresh hop presence throughout. This horny little guy named
for the famous little island just on top of Niagara Falls can sneak up on you quick.