What’s On Tap – Wilson

Stiff Mitten 7.2% – 🎄It’s that time of year again when there may be a chill in the air, but there’s warmth in your heart and room in your belly for our spiced winter ale. Stiff mitten is made with holiday cheer and the spices of the season – nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and allspice. So you’ll get all the seasons greetings you’ll need in one can.

Winter Marzen 5.7% – Traditional style Märzen with fresh waves of soft, round, clean, malty deliciousness.Brewed late summer, available in both cans and draft in early September. Prost! (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Sweet, SWEET Haze 7.1% – This “fuzzy navel” colored American IPA is brewed with Mosaic, Citra and Azaaca hops atop a blend carefully selected sweet and soft malts. It’s then double dry hopped with Citra. We get beautiful notes of clementines, sumo oranges, yellow grapefruit and tangelo. An instant favorite of the brewing team.

Half-Cocked 3.7% – Hello summer, meet “Half-Cocked” our new series of lagers that use the same base recipe as our Niagara Lager, just lightened up to an incredibly crushable 3.7% abv. Each rendition of Half-Cocked will use a different finishing dry hop to accentuate different fruity notes on the aroma. Our first batch was finished with Meridian hops which imparted a firm, but delicate berry-like aroma. It’s clean, crisp and refreshing as all get out, and is absolutely perfect for the summer. Enjoy!

Vulf Pack IPA – An east coast IPA hopped with centennial, azacca and mosaic. Look for a bright tangerine and dank citrus fruit flavor and aroma with a solid malt background.

Red Head Amber Ale 5.5% – This is the first beer we brewed when our brewery opened and has a special place in our hearts. She’s easy on the palate, delivers lovely mild maltiness and a lightly hopped, crisp finish. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Niagara Lager 5% – A traditional style lager that’s clean, crisp, and a sessionable brew — perfect for warm summer days, or long nights of beer enjoyment. This is our “gateway beer” for those beer drinkers who are used to a standard domestic lager. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

Porter 5.9% – A full-flavored, medium-bodied, classic style Porter with chocolate flavors and mild hints of coffee. This beer pairs well with desserts.

Devil’s Hole Black IPA 6.2% – This is another original Woodcock brew first made to marry the malt characteristics of the dark beer we love to the hoppy characteristics of the IPA’s we love. The result instantly became a customer favorite. Devil’s Hole, named for the treacherous area of the Niagara River is a limited release draft brew. It boasts of bright, citrusy hops, overcast by hint of roasted malts. A deliciously devious interaction of flavors. Enjoy.

Sun Goes Down Blonde Ale 4.6% – This balanced, lightly bittered, easy drinking blone ale has notes of orange citrus, and wildflower blossom honey. A bright, easy way to get through any WNY winter day.

Woodcock IPA 6.5% Primarily hopped with Simcoe and Chinook, this bursts with notes of citrus and pine, has a robust mouth feel and a solid West-Coast style bitterness. It’s an all seasons, all day beer designed for those who crave that intensely delicious hop bite. (Currently avail in 16oz cans)

XPA v.17 6.5% Brewed with Galaxy, Simcoe, Mosaic and Cashmere hops. This version boasts intense tangerine citrus flavors accompanied by an even toasty pine malt profile. This combo makes for a delicious Christmasy delicious wintery IPA. Only available for a limited time. (Avail in 16oz 4-packs)