What’s In The Tanks

WILSON location:

  • Niagara LagerGerman Lager – 5% ABV – 18 IBU – Crisp & clean with a shining golden hue. A well-made German- style Lager.
  • Red HeadAmber Ale – 5.5% ABV – 25 IBU – 12 SRM – A malty ale with hints of sweet caramel. This beer has a rustic copper color.
  • Made of the Mist Light Lager – 4.0% ABV – 10 IBU – 2.3 SRM – Representing Niagara University and their mascot, Monte. This light lager is light and easy drinking.
  • Sweet Sweet HazeHazy IPA – 7.1% ABV – 47.3 IBU – 6.2 SRM – Our American IPA brewed with Mosaic, Citra, and Azacca hops. Beautiful notes of oranges, yellow grapefruit, and tangelo.
  • HefeweizenHefeweizen – 5% ABV – 14 IBU – 4 SRM – A traditional German Hefeweizen. Clean, Crisp, and refreshing. Clove up front with notes of ripe banana on the finish.

Wurlitzer location:

George’s Sheets- Hazy IPA

5.7% ABV 13 IBU 4.7 SRM

Malt: Golden Promise, flaked oats, torrefied wheat.

Hops: Rakau, Cryo Citra, Lupulin concentrated Hallertau Blanc.

Yeast: British Ale V

Channel Marker 59- Czech Pilsner

Target ABV 4.5% 26 IBU 3.1 SRM

Malt: Pils, Vienna.

Hops: Warrior, Mt. Hood, Spalter Select.

Yeast: German Lager.

The Beautiful Game #04 Mosaic- Hazy IPA

7% ABV 16 IBU 3.7 SRM

Malt: Pils, torrefied wheat, flaked oats.

Hops: Mosaic, Cryo Mosaic.

Yeast: British Ale V

For up-to-date draft lists and can availability at our Wilson, NY location please click the link here.

For up-to-date draft lists and can availability at our Wurlitzer Building location please click the link here.

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