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Our historic town of Wilson, NY lies on the shore of Lake Ontario. We’re surrounded by apple, cherry and grape orchards and smack dab in the middle of the Niagara Wine Trail. In the summer, our quiet town turns into the home of lake side vacationers, yachtsmen and boaters of every kind.

Plan your day trip to visit our brewery and check out beautiful sites like The Wilson Harbor and its numerous yacht clubs, the Seaway Trail, the Niagara Wine Trail, Tuscarora State Park and the beautifully scenic Lake Ontario shoreline.


Although we love being a part of the Niagara Wine Trail and always get a bunch of awesome new customers every year off the bus and limo tours, we have a strict policy of no bus groups after 3pm.

The reason we have this policy in place is because in the past we’ve had several instances with drunken bus parties that created substantial disturbances in our restaurant. And in more instances than we’d like to share, they have resulted in police involvement. Our biggest concern is safety for all, followed by NYS law abiding and most certainly, that all of our customers have a positive, enjoyable and delicious experience at Woodcock Brothers Brewery. Although we realize that by and large most bus tours are harmless; due to those incidents, we have strictly enforced our 3pm policy.

We most certainly welcome any and all size bus and limo tour parties before 3pm. So when booking your next bus tour please plan your stop at the brewery earlier rather than later. Thank you everyone for understanding and we hope to see your bus party on your next Niagara Wine Trail tour!

To contact the restaurant for any and all inquiries please call: 716.333.4000


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