What’s In The Tanks

XPA v.17 6.5% – Our experimental, evolving hop series IPA. Some renditions vary greatly, others are not far from each other. But each batch is designed to be a very hop forward, super flavorful brew.

Dark Forrest 8.7% – An Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate, coffee, and dark crystal malts. Super rich dark color and flavors to match. It has the classic bitterness expected of the style and hints of resin without being overwhelming. Lots of robust roast, chocolate and coffee flavors explode throughout. A perfect brew to ring in the Fall season!

Devil’s Hole Black IPA 6.2% – This is another original Woodcock brew first made to marry the malt characteristics of the dark beer we love to the hoppy characteristics of the IPA’s we love. The result instantly became a customer favorite. Devil’s Hole, named for the treacherous area of the Niagara River is a limited release draft brew. It boasts of bright, citrusy hops, overcast by hint of roasted malts. A deliciously devious interaction of flavors. Enjoy.