What’s In The Tanks

XPA 6.5% (Xmas Release) – We release a batch of our most popular limited release IPA each year just before Christmas. This is also our last new can drop of 2018. Releasing brewery only on Sat 12/22 details here. XPA is our experimental, evolving hop series IPA. Some renditions vary greatly, others are not far from each other. But each batch is designed to be a very hop forward, super flavorful brew.

Hoppycock (v.2) 7% – When we opened six years ago our house IPA at the time was called Hoppycock. This was a play on our name obviously, but also a play on the British term “poppycock” because it was a British style IPA. We eventually discontinued Hoppycock because the traditional British style of IPA’s were becoming less and less popular, being replaced with more modern styles, that firmly accentuate fruity and tropical hop flavor profiles and keep rich malt flavors in the background. NE (New England) IPA’s like our XPA series really took over, both with our direct customers and the broad market in general. But now, we’re revamping Hoppycock in the vain of our XPA series and giving the masses what they want with another heavily hopped NEIPA. Hoppycock v.2 is brewed with Mosaic, Citra and Azaaca hops atop a bed of soft malts. It’s then double Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic for an intense citrusy and tropical aroma and flavor. Look for this reborn version of Hoppycock in early 2019!